Postpartum Contraceptive Use and Rapid Repeat Pregnancy Among Women who Use Substances

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In this recent study, researchers characterized postpartum contraceptive use and rates of rapid repeat pregnancy among women who used substances during their pregnancies. The study used an analysis of 161 pregnant women who were enrolled in a randomized clinical trial to treat substance use and completed assessments at 3-, 12-, and 24-months postpartum. Researchers found that past 30-day use of any substance was 52.4%, 58.3%, and 59.8% respectively; rates of any contraceptive use were 71.3%, 66.7%, and 65.3% respectively; and 28% of participants had a rapid repeat pregnancy by their 24-month follow up. Results of this study conclude that more innovative efforts are needed to promote effective contraceptive use in postpartum women in general, but especially in women who use substances.

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