Odyssey House Parents with Children Program


Odyssey House, located in Salt Lake City, UT, has conducted successful, evidence-based recovery treatment and therapy since 1971. Odyssey House is the largest, most influential substance use disorder treatment provider in Utah. The substance use disorder treatment and recovery programs are data-driven and effective: clients’ functionality is evaluated before, during and after treatment to ensure they can stay on the path to recovery.

Summary of Innovative Program

Special Populations

Through the Odyssey House Mothers and Fathers with Children program, parents can access the substance use disorder treatment they need without having to worry about leaving their children behind. The residential program treats pregnant mothers and single parents and their children ages 0-9 together.

Program Replication Tips

  • Odyssey House provides a supportive family environment through an evidence-based Modified Therapeutic Community model.
  • Children attend a therapeutic daycare while their parents attend treatment services.
  • Family reunification and community support to keep families intact are promoted.
  • Clients are assisted with managing their co-occurring disorders and improving parenting skills.
  • Family Groups are offered to enable family members to learn about substance use disorders, the impact on the family, how to change negative family dynamics and how to support their family member in their sobriety.

Policy & Financing Strategies

Odyssey House’s Mothers and Fathers with Children Program has received funding through successful grant writing. The program currently receives grant funding through Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The program provides services to various State and County agencies such as Family Dependency Drug Court and the Department of Child and Family Services.

Impact / Results

Due to the comprehensive Children’s Services Program, the Single Parents with Children program is one of the most successful programs within the agency. Parents can focus on getting better — both for themselves and for their families knowing that their children are close by and well taken care of.

The program’s outcome questionnaire demonstrates the following success rates:

  • Abstinence from drugs: Admissions: 0%; During treatment: 92%; Post-treatment: 100%
  • Stress because of alcohol and drug use: Admissions: 75%; During treatment: 40%; Post- treatment: 0%
  • Health complaints: Admissions: 33%; During treatment: 20%; Post-treatment: 0%
  • Employed: Admissions: 0%; During treatment: not applicable; Post-treatment: 100%

Agency Contact Information

Agency Name:Odyssey House of Utah
City, StateSalt Lake City, UT
General Phone Number:801-322-3222
Website URL:http://odysseyhouse.org/